Monday, July 05, 2004

"Find Your Car"...What a Laugh 

Recently I've been browsing the popular online car classified sites of Auto Trader and Cars.com, dreaming of the day when I can finally get enough money to replace my tired 240 series Volvo, and in the process I've noticed something interesting. Oh no, not interesting. What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yeah. ANNOYING.

Both of these sites make you select a brand in order to search for a car. Why?

Suppose I want to purchase a General Motors F-body (Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird). Does that mean I have to enter all the search criteria for a Camaro, wade through 10 pages of them, then go back and re-enter all the criteria over again just in order to change the make to Pontiac? On these sites...YES IT DOES! Only one real criterion is different, but I have to re-enter every bit of it now. Price range, distance, new or used. It's most frustrating...especially when you're on dial-up.

Or perhaps I want to buy a compact pickup truck. I can't just enter the criteria to only search for a pickup. Oh no. That would be too easy. I have to enter all of my search criteria each time for a Chevrolet, a Dodge, a GMC, a Ford, a Toyota, a Nissan, and a Mazda. And what are the odds I'll forget Isuzu and Mitsubishi? Very good, since they don't even build small trucks anymore. There could be a clean, low mileage '87 Mitsubishi Mighty Max for sale for $800 three miles away from me...but I would never find out, because I couldn't search for all trucks in that price range.

Apparently this is caused by the sheer volume of ingrate fuck-meats who will only buy cars from individual manufacturers, since apparently there are certain car companies that don't actually build good and bad cars just like the rest of them. Or at least that's what these gongs believe. To hell with brand loyalty and everyone who subscribes to it. They can eat cock.

Maybe I'll just go down to the local quick-stop and drop the coin for a printed Trader publication. It may still be organized by make, but I least I won't have to re-enter that goofy search criteria.

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