Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What Ever Happened to Cheech and Chong? 

I'm really getting damn tired of the constant whining of illegal aliens.

Once upon time, they didn't personally bother me. I recognized illegal immigration as a legitimate problem, but I didn't blame the illegals themselves for wanting to come here. Well, now I do. After weeks of bitching and one laughably non-effective "boycott", I've determined that every one of these people is a raging asshole, and the people who support them are not only small-minded, but racists as well.

Oh yeah. I said it.

What's the first thing you hear out of the mouths of pro-illegals? "They do the jobs that white people can't do." No, that's not racism at all!

Here's the one I'm getting damn sick of. "They do jobs that Americans don't want to do." Because obviously all Americans live in the suburbs, make a yearly salary, and work white collar jobs in cubicles. I just saw on Anderson Cooper 360 recently a story about aliens working on a farm in California making $8.95 an hour. Here's where this pisses me off: I MAKE $6.50 AN HOUR. And it took me two years of unemployment to get lucky enough to find this job. You want to find Americans willing to work hard jobs for next to no wage? Look no further than the South.

What's just as bothersome to me are all the legal immigrants joining in the protests. Hey, legals: NOBODY HAS A PROBLEM WITH YOU. THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-HISPANIC THING, IT'S A FOLLOW-THE-FUCKING-RULES-AND-IMMIGRATE-HERE-LEGALLY-BECAUSE-YOU'RE-NOT-TOO-SPECIAL-TO-DO-SO THING. They keep saying "We're all immigrants!" No, just you are immigrants. The illegal immigrants are aliens. And at this rate, neither of you are making friends.

The nationwide marches yesterday attracted literally millions of people. I can't believe people are getting so bent out of shape about our country trying to control it's growth and unemployment rate. If only people would get this worked-up over Bush's shoddy job as president, or the war in Iraq. But no, they'd rather spend their time arguing their retarded-ass racist views, or protesting the removal of a religious symbol in a public courthouse.

This is why we're all fucked.

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